Kaimati | Sweet dumplings

Kaimati is a popular snack found in the Coastal region of East Africa. These wonderful miniature donuts covered in a silky rich delicately spiced syrup are in my book of favourites. Tea time is ubiquitous in most African households and Kaimatis … Continue reading “Kaimati | Sweet dumplings”

Sugar frosted mini donuts

Mitai | Little donuts covered in frosted sugar

Theres a huge debate on the name of these cuties. I know them as Mitai and so we shall call them just that round here. Looks can be ever so deceiving with Mitai, they look like you’ve slaved away in … Continue reading “Mitai | Little donuts covered in frosted sugar”

DSC 0403 810x466 - Incredibly soft and tasty butter Naan

Incredibly soft and tasty butter Naan

I am what you may call a Naan expert. I love when Naan is incredibly soft and full of flavour. It just completes every meal a great curry or any grilled meat. I have experimented for years trying to get … Continue reading “Incredibly soft and tasty butter Naan”

fish kebabs


  My mother isn’t a huge fan of fish which meant we rarely ate it as I was growing up. This was a sad affair given that I grew up at the Coast where there was fish galore! Luckily, I … Continue reading “FISH KEBABS | CROQUETTES”

samosas e1495570774187 810x466 - How to make samosas

How to make samosas

Tea time isn’t complete without a plate of this delicious moreish snack. While one can buy ready-made samosas in the freezer section of many stores, it’s nothing compared to homemade samosas, served fresh and crisp with coconut chutney or a … Continue reading “How to make samosas”

perfect pancakes

Perfect Pancakes with coconut buttercream

Hello lovelies! Here is a great breakfast classic – pancakes. My kids love me a lot more when they wake up to a stack of these beauties. Also, they sit quietly at the table and gobble these down while i … Continue reading “Perfect Pancakes with coconut buttercream”